1,000 Steps

1,000 Steps

This is a picture from Wikipedia that shows a person going down 1,000 steps in Bonaire. I have been there and it is wonderful. It is fun to go down, but it was not as fun to come up! When I went down, there was a sort of cave thing! It was very, very fun!


This is my half sonnet and half poem that I wrote!



As the sun falls down in the sky

The moon and stars rise

So smooth, as though they were to cry

The darkness swallows everything in it’s path as it flies  


When I look out my window

I see a trace of light

The shadows seem to dance in the meadow

So calm, yet they could bite


My heart is leaping out of my chest

As I get out of bed and slip on my shoes

Never in my life have I left the nest

For I have been scared to get a bruise


The stairs creak underneath my feet

Every step, I wince with fear

Scared of getting beat

The thought makes my eyes tear


Opening the door

I feel the breeze on my skin

It sounds like the shore

For once, I am glad I am thin


I slip through the gate

My breath is shallow and low

No one is around, for it is very late

I run and run and hope I do not show